Faculty Details

  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Qualification : M Phil In Mathematics
  • Experience : 8 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Engineering Mathmatics

Education Qualification

1) M.Sc in Mathematics from HNGU.

2) M.Phil in Mathematics from VNSGU.

Work Experience

1) 2.10 years in LDRP ITR, Gandhinagar as an assistant professor in Mathematics.

2) From 13/5/2011 to till date Government Engineering College, Gandhinagar as an assistant professor in Mathematics.

Courses Taught

1) Mathematics-1

2) Mathematics-2
3) Mathematics-3
4) Mathematics-4
5) Calculus
6) Vector calculus & Linear Algebra
7) Advance Engineering Mathematics
8) Numeric Technics & Statistical Methods
9) Ordinary Differential Equations

Training and workshop

1) Padagogy session in Calculus at LDCE, Ahmedabad from 25/06/12 to 29/06/12.

2) Karmyogi Residential Training at Swaminarayan Dham, Dholakuwa, Gandhinagar organized by DTE from 6/12/13 to 8/12/13.

3) Enhancing Mathematical Modeling ability using tools of Statistics and Operation Research at LDRP ITR, Gandhinagar from 21/4/14 to 25/4/14.

4) Induction Phase-I at  RCTI, Ahmedabad from 26/5/14 to 6/6/14

5) Induction training Phase-II at GEC, Sector-28, Gandhinagar from 18/5/15 to 29/5/15

6) E-Content Development, at GEC, Sector-28, Gandhinagar from 1/1/16 to 7/1/16

7) Mathematical Tools and Techniques for Engineering Research at GEC, Sector-28, Gandhinagar from 30/5/16 to 3/6/16

8) Accrediation and Academic Audit at GEC, Sector-28, Gandhinagar from 6/6/16 to 10/6/16

9) Induction Phase-II, at  RCTI, Ahmedabad from 1/8/16 to 12/8/16

10) Introduction to Boundary Element Method at LDCE, Ahmedabad from 9/1/17 to 13/1/17

11) Short Course on Teaching Methodologies for Engineering Mathematics, at IIT, Gandhinagar from 15/2/17 to 17/2/17

12) International Faculty Development Program Phase-I, Phase-II at GEC, Sector-28, Gandhinagar from 6/3/17 to 7/3/17 and 20/3/17.


1) Student Section- team member

2) Time table/Inter Disciplinary Subjects/ Common Subjects and overload- team member

3) RUSA- team member


1) " An approach to various Probability Distributions through Convolution" in International Jpournal  of Physical, Chemical and Mathematical Sciences

2) "Frequency Distribution of a Resistance formed by Series combinations through convolution" in International Journal  of Advance Engineering and Research Development

3) "Probability Distribution of Sum of Two Continuous Variable and Convolution" in Journal of Research

4) "Edge Vertex Prime Labeling for Wheel, Fan and Friendship graph" in International Journal of Mathematics and Statistical Invention

5) " Edge Vertex Prime Labeling for K2,n and K3,n Graphs" in Mathematical Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences

Professional Institution Membership

1) ISTE life time membership