Ms. Rutu Nayak

Faculty Details

  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Qualification : Master of Biomedical Engineering
  • Experience : 4 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Biomedical Instrumentation

Personal Details

Ms. Nayak Rutu Pareshbhai

Designation: Assistant Professor


Experience: 8 YEARS

Area of Interest:Biomedical Instrumentation, Rehabilitation Engineering, Biomedical Sensors & Transducers

Educational Qualification

  • Master of Engineering In Biomedical Engineering from Government Engineering College, Sector-28, Gandhinagar, Affiliated to GTU, Gujarat, India (2010-2012)
  • Bachelor Of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering From L.D. College Of Engineering, Ahmedabad, Affiliated to Gujarat University, Gujarat, India (2004-2008)

Work Experience

1. Designation: Lecturer

    Employer: L.D. College Of Engineering, Ahmedabad
    Appointment Type: Adhoc
    Duration: 2 years  2008-2010

2Designation: Assistant Professor
    Employer: GEC, Sector-28, Gandhinagar
    Appointment Type: Contractual
    Duration: 4 years  2012-2016

3. Designation: Lecturer
    Employer: Government Polytechnic, sector-26, Gandhinagar
    Appointment Type: Regular GPSC
    Duration: 1 year  2016-2017

4. Designation: Assistant Professor
    Employer: GEC, Sector-28, Gandhinagar, 
    Appointment Type: Regular, GPSC
    Duration: 1 year  2017- Continue

Courses Taught

Undergraduate (Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering)

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Bio potential Measurement & Techniques
  • Biomedical sensors & Transducers
  • Bio materials & Implant
  • Diagnostic Instrumentation
  • Therapeutic Instrumentation
  • Medical Imaging Techniques
  • Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Regulatory standards for Medical devices
Post Graduate (Master of Biomedical Engineering)
  • Biosensors & BioMEMS
  • Advance Biomaterials


Current Portfolios:

  • GTU  team Coordinator & departmental GTU Coordinator
  • Departmental student Section Coordinator
  • MYSY Coordinator
Past Portfolios:
  • Departmental Time Table & Overload In charge
  • Departmental Training & Placement Officer