Program Details

Information Technology

  • Program offered : Bachelor in Information Technology (4 years full time course)
    Total Intake : 60
  • Department of Information Technology is well poised to cater the needs of the Undergraduate Engineering students and works jointly with Computer Department. It is equipped with well-developed laboratories to satisfy the curriculum of various subjects.
  • Almost all fields are computerized to have ease of handling the problems of designing, manufacturing, maintenance, servicing, researching, marketing and accounting.
  • The B.E. Information Technology program includes computer operations on different languages, data generation, collection and utilization of information, etc. The course imparts all the basics as well as advanced knowledge pertaining to the rapidly developing field of Information practices. The course is designed to keep students in pace with the practical field. This is required for the critical analysis, design, evolution and improvement of Information Management systems. It is our objective that students should be able to pursue advanced studies in Information Technology comprehensively. The college has well maintained computer labs which are facilitated with IBM, X series Xeon & dual processor Pentium servers, Compaq server and several hundred work stations connected in LAN & WAN & Wi-Fi.


      To educate students to be innovative and technically competent IT professionals to meet the industrial and social requirements.


      To produce technically capable and socially responsible graduates.        To create facilities where students gain practical exposure in IT. 

      To support research culture, consultancy work and enhancement of entrepreneurship skills. 

      To enhance industry interaction for good placements and real-world      exposure. 

      To induce moral, ethical values and spirit of social commitment. 


      Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

      PEO1: The graduate will be a competent professional with high-level technical proficiency in the field of Information Technology to identify problems and develop innovative solutions to meet the industrial needs.

      PEO2. The graduate will exhibit professionalism, teamwork, leadership skills and exposure to current needs.

      PEO3. The graduate will be capable enough to adapt the changes in roles and responsibilities through professional development and lifelong learning over self-study or continuing education in IT or managerial studies.

      PEO4. The graduates will ethically apply their computing knowledge and skills considering societal, economic and environmental factors.


      Programme Specific Outcomes

      PSO1:  Foundations of Software Development:  Use programming and software design principles to develop various software products in emerging areas.

      PSO2:  Foundation of Mathematical Concepts: Ability to apply mathematical concept to solve computation task, model real world problem using appropriate data structure and suitable algorithm

      PSO3:  Competent in Emerging Trends: Ability to use recent tools and techniques necessary for computing practices.

      PSO4:  Applications of Computing and Research Ability: Ability to use knowledge in various areas to identify research gaps and provides innovative solution


    Programming Lab /Application Development Lab/ Project Lab :

    The laboratories are equipped with a number of desktop computers. The current software resources includes open source programming SDKs. The lab is used for the course subjects like C, C++ programming etc

    Database Lab / Network Lab / OS Lab :

    A database management system (DBMS) is computer application software that provides a way to manage data. The requirement of modern days is to have an automated system that manages, modifies and updates data accurately. This is achieved by a DBMS in robust, correct and non redundant way. DBMS lab aims at practicing and achieving this aim by using various software’s such as SQL, ORACLE, and MS – Access etc



    Assistant Professor
    komal anadkat

    Miss. komal anadkat

    Assistant Professor


    Assistant Professor
    Hetal Chauhan

    Mrs. Hetal Chauhan

    Assistant Professor



    Assistant Professor
    Prashant  Chaudhari

    Mr. Prashant Chaudhari

    Assistant Professor


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