Program Details

Biomedical Engineering

  • Program offered : Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering (4 years full time course)
    Total Intake : 120

  • Program offered : Master in Biomedical Engineering (2 years full time course)
    Total Intake : 18

  • The Department of Biomedical Engineering has been functional in the college since 2004. It offers Bachelor of Engineering as well as Master of Engineering degrees in Biomedical field at Undergraduate and Graduate levels. The department has excellent infrastructure with laboratories stocked with equipments for Therapeutic Instrumentation, Diagnostic Instrumentation, Biomedical Imaging, Biomedical Signal Processing, Life Science, Biomedical EMC, Digital Electronics and Biomedical Embedded.
  • Students learn their skills in medical imaging; computational biology, bioinformatics, and imaging sciences; sensors, microsystems, and instrumentation; biomaterials, etc. Students are provided with a practical perspective in order to provide solutions to the most pressing medical challenges. Students are challenged to analyze and solve problems from both engineering and biological perspectives. Upon completion of the programme , students are well-prepared to enter the top graduate, medical and professional schools or begin a rewarding career in industry.

  • Vision:
  • To play a pivotal role in promoting human health through the best of current and future technologies from the field of engineering and medical science to bridge the gap between medicine and engineering.

  • Mission:
  • To serve the fundamental principles of engineering to human health care and well- being for medical industries, health care providers, governmental agencies, and academic entities.
  • To create a linkage between content generation, research in critical areas and imparting education for integrating our knowledge with the advancements in Hospitals and Industries.


The classrooms are well designed rooms that incorporate everything needed for a pleasant learning atmosphere. The wide spacious classrooms contain a Black Board & white board for teaching. Professors use portable projector to put the lectures in best possible way. These classrooms are also often used for seminars and events from time to time.


THERAPEUTIC TECHNIQUES & INSTRUMENTATION: To impart  in students  detailed  knowledge  about  various therapeutic equipment  and  familiarize students with their basic working principle, instrumentation, clinical significance and advancements. Demo of Instruments like DC Defibrillator,Therapeutic Laser, Ultrasound, Muscle Stimulation.
Life Science: The students need to learn fundamentals of anatomical structures and physiology of body organs. This knowledge is helpful to design any instrument. Students get to know about body composition, organs and systems.
Bio Instrumentation Laboratory is uniquely placed to bring together these areas of research with its broad array of students and post doctoral research scientists from diverse fields.
Bio-signal Processing Laboratory & Biomedical Image Processing Laboratory is equipped with MATLAB software. 

Microcontroller & Interfacing: Software like Kiel , 8085 Simulator.
Diagnostic Laboratory :Understand diagnosis related equipment in entirety covering its principle of working, instrumentation related, modes of operation and various advancements.



Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor
Vijaykumar Dave

Mr. Vijaykumar Dave

Assistant Professor

Maulindu Patel

Mr. Maulindu Patel

Assistant Professor
Chintan Shah

Mr. Chintan Shah

Assistant Professor
Rutu Nayak

Ms. Rutu Nayak

Assistant Professor
Hetal Mehta

Ms. Hetal Mehta

Assistant Professor

Manan Nanavati

Mr. Manan Nanavati

Assistant Professor
Navdeep Limbad

Mr. Navdeep Limbad

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor